Employment Solutions’ Bluegrass Career Services (BCS) is among over 50 other community rehabilitation programs that receives referrals from the Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR).

For the past two consecutive reported years, BCS has topped all other OVR organizations in the attainment of successful job placements for people with disabilities.

The team of employment consultants at BCS work diligently to assess the desires and capabilities of its OVR referrals. Bluegrass Career Services consultants also use their extensive network of employers to find just the right match between individual jobs and workers.

In addition to OVR referrals, BCS also job places the students of the College for Technical Education. Using the same personalized techniques, BCS attained an overall job placement rate of 95% for the graduates of CTE.

During FY 2015-2016 BCS attained a combined total of 198 successful job placements, an all-time high.

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