2022 In Review

College for Technical Education moved into new administrative offices and classrooms for Medical Assistant, Medical Message Therapy and IT Support Specialist.    These three programs are anticipated to begin in 2023.

Open a second Cosmetology School in Nicholasville and added Nail Technology and Esthetics to both Nicholasville and Winchester.

Campus Kids moved into a newly remodeled section that includes windows, staff breakroom and staff restrooms.

Opened LifePath in March.    In November LifePath received 54 referrals, 86 in December and 23 for the first 6-days of January making the total number of active patients 185.   Currently LifePath is approved for services by 9 insurance companies, plus self-pay.  

During FY 21-22 Employment Solutions generated net earnings of $2.1 million.

Reduced long-term debt by $1.3 million

Ended December with a combined balance of cash and investments of $4.2 million

Grew Adult Day Training participation from 165 on 1/1/22 to 189 on 12/31/22(15 % increase)

Grew Residential services participants from 118 on 1/1/23 to 129 on 12/31/23. (9% increase)

Added a LifeWorks Residential Services office in Morehead.

Moved the remainder of the Expressive Program operations to Centre Parkway.

Campus Kids received the highest score for its ITER-S observations

CTE received a 6-year accreditation (the highest) from COE

Our Medicaid Waiver Services received a two-year certification (the highest) from KY DDID

Things to Look Forward to in 2023

Completion of the patios for Sunnyside and Expressive Programs and a passage way between the two which will allow for more and easier staff sharing

CTE generating consistent monthly net operating earnings, opening night classes and the addition of new programs

Extend the hours of LifePath and Campus Kids into the evenings. 

Attain a financial breakeven of better for LifePath.

Attain CARF Accreditation for LifePath.

The further development of our 1165  Centre Parkway location to include a laundromat, , exotic pet store, retail liquidation outlet and restaurant.    

Relocate the Fresh Approach operation next door to the 1084 Whipple Court building.  This move will provide Fresh Approach with a new and nicer working space, cost savings for utilities and maintenance as well as  allow for more and easier staff sharing between QBox and Fresh Approach. 

Substantial increases in the rates we receive for Medicaid Waiver services.

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