In March 2017, a group of seven students from the Winchester Cosmetology program attended a hearing of the Senate Committee on Licensing and Occupations in Frankfort.

Wearing bright red badges emblazoned with “Support HB 271” the students helped convince the members of the Committee to vote for its approval and refer the bill on to the full Senate.

The purpose of HB 271 is to reduce the required hours of training needed to qualify to take the cosmetology examination to become a licensed cosmetologist from 1,800 hours to 1,500 hours. By doing so, student debt will be reduced and the likelihood of students graduation will be increased.

The group was thrilled when the Committee approved HB 271 by a unanimous vote, rightly noting that they had made history.

Following their victory in the halls of the General Assembly the group visited the Kentucky State Capitol building, where they, for the first time, were able to gaze up into the Capitol dome, visit the chambers of the House of Representative, Senate and Supreme Court. Governor Bevin signed HB271 into law on March 21, 2017.

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