Arguably the most significant development for Employment Solutions during FY 2015-2016 was the launch of Family Home Provider (FHP) residential services by our Life Works division. Through the auspices of Kentucky’s Medicaid Supports for Community Living (SCL) program for people with intellectual disabilities, FHP’s program consist of independent contractors who are carefully matched with SCL participants who provide care within their own homes. One of the primary advantages of the FHP model is that it allows people with intellectual disabilities to be incorporated into the regular activities and rhythms of life of a typical household.

While the goal of this initial year of operation was to serve 10 people, by the conclusion of FY 2015-2016 Life Works was already providing FHP services to 22 SCL participants. So strong is the demand for FHP services, Life Works projects serving a minimum of 35 SCL participants by the conclusion of FY 2016.

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