Because of an aging population and the expansion of Medicaid, Kentucky’s health-care industry is expanding and also is anticipated to continue to grow for many years to come. Within health care, one of the more prevalent entry-level professions is medical assistant, which performs a variety of essential functions such as recording medical histories, taking vital signs including EEGs, blood samples, and billing and coding responsibilities.

Schools that provide programs in medical assistance cover a wide variety of topics to prepare students to earn a Registered Medical Assistant or Certified Medical Assistant credential. To attain this credential, students who complete an accredited Medical Assistant program must pass a nationally recognized exam.

Compared to other area schools that typically take 18 to 24 months to train their students, the Medical Assistant program offered by the College for Technical Education is only nine months. CTE students, unlike any other school in the area, have achieved a 100 percent passage rate on this essential measure of competence.

We congratulate the students and faculty of the Medical Assistant program of the College for Technical Education. For additional information on Medical Assistant and the other programs offered by the College for Technical Education, please contact Andrea Mason at

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