It is an unfortunate fact than many people with intellectual disabilities exhibit behaviors that interfere with their ability to work and engage in the larger community.

The lack of verbal and cognitive abilities makes it very difficult for some people to understand and manage their own emotions and behaviors. This need has been recognized by the Kentucky Department for Medicaid Services, which has created service categories known as behavioral and psychological supports. Using specially trained and certified Behavioral and Psychological Support Specialists, negative behaviors are replaced by encouraging positive ones.

However, it is also frequently the case that such interventions alone are inadequate and must be supplemented through the prescription of psychotropic medications by physicians. In most instances the physician and the person with an intellectual disability meet alone and without the presence of the Behavioral and Psychological Support Specialists, making coordination lacking or nonexistent.

In response, Life Works has contracted with Dr. Steven Croley to provide psychiatric consultation including the prescription of medications in sessions that include the client, Behavior and Psychological Support Specialist, as well as other care givers as needed.

This unique and much needed approach is most popular and has greatly improved the effectiveness of behavioral and psychological supports and medication management.

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